I Am Sam (Reflection)

I Am Sam was a emotion roller coaster. it goes from up to down. although there are some sad parts they are usually made up with happy moments, such as Lucy getting to go meet up with her dad for soccer

Some connections

-when Lucy friend stated that she said she was adopted.

-when Lucy’s foster mom told Sam that she wanted to give Lucy back because she was happier with Sam, this was a sad and happy part in the movie because it was sad for the foster mom but happy for Sam.

-one of the happier parts in the movie is when the lawyer  decide to help Sam “Pro Bono” the was a crack of light in the movie because there was hope for Sam to get Lucy back.


1)Why did the Lawyer say “i have gotten more out of this relation ship than you have.

2)why was there a lot of color changing in the movie, Red or Blue.

3 thoughts on “I Am Sam (Reflection)

  1. Unique perspective of the story, you brought up some interesting questions that definitely need to be answered

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