These are 4 songs that I think represent the move “I am Sam”

This is a song about friendship By Bruno mars, this is attached to I Am Sam. This reminds me because Sam and Lucy have a very close relationship, For example “I will sail the sea to find you.” I feel like this could be Sam trying to find Lucy


This song in the first 40 seconds describes the Movie perfectly. For example “I will tell you all about it when I see you again” this reminds of when Sam looses Lucy.





This song describes Sam, because he always speaks with honesty. No matter what he is honest and truthful. For example when Lucy is on the tv and Sam is trying to talk to Lucy through the tv screen he says, “don’t lye Lucy tell the truth.

There are no lyrics for this song


In this song it says, “With you I am Alive.” This reminds me of the movie although Sam can live with out Lucy she is a big part in his life. When Sam and Lucy are together that are always happy and they look and feel completed.

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