The Mystery of History

Stonehenge, Nazca Lines, Eater Island Heads.

One thing that they all have in common is that they are mysterys. No one is quite sure how they are made, or how that moved rocks that wiegh 10 tons. Or the tools they used to carve the rocks, for example at Stonehenge there is a rock that USA as hard as steel and the managed to carve it. Or how are the Nazca lines made and how they made the designs without being in the air to see what they looked like. We are also not sure what religion made the fields of designs. Easter island has 887 stone heads that people think are a whole body which have been covered over the years. Also no one knows which group of people made and pit up the statues across the island.

Some Things That Scientists Can be Ceratin About, are what machines that they used to put up and move the rocks that weigh 10 tons. Although they do know some tools that used such as antlers to dig at Stonehenge. Scientists can date something but they aren’t certain how old some structures are such as Stonehenge they know that it’s old but not exactly how old it is.

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