The Sniper Review

I think this short story was great! It had great details and I didn’t get lost when I was reading this. I almost felt connected, I could feel the pain that he was feeling, when he was shot, I could feel the adrenaline going through my body and I wasn’t even in the situation. When I read I look for books that are high pace and intense just like this, because then you don’t want to stop reading them. I also like watching war movies like final day that are based off of war.  Continue reading “The Sniper Review”

The Mystery of History

Stonehenge, Nazca Lines, Eater Island Heads.

One thing that they all have in common is that they are mysterys. No one is quite sure how they are made, or how that moved rocks that wiegh 10 tons. Or the tools they used to carve the rocks, for example at Stonehenge there is a rock that USA as hard as steel and the managed to carve it. Or how are the Nazca lines made and how they made the designs without being in the air to see what they looked like. We are also not sure what religion made the fields of designs. Easter island has 887 stone heads that people think are a whole body which have been covered over the years. Also no one knows which group of people made and pit up the statues across the island.

Some Things That Scientists Can be Ceratin About, are what machines that they used to put up and move the rocks that weigh 10 tons. Although they do know some tools that used such as antlers to dig at Stonehenge. Scientists can date something but they aren’t certain how old some structures are such as Stonehenge they know that it’s old but not exactly how old it is.


I am reading the book almost as if it is a horror story, because all the computers are shut down. So I think there are a group of people trying to take over the world and there first step it taking down the computers, And I am waiting for something Terrifying is about to happen.

So far I am enjoying the book and the way that he wrote (Eric Walters). It seems that he has wrote the book as if it is intense or something is about to happen. I feel like the intensity is rising on each page I read.

Adam Daley is the main character from the book, he is 16 years old and goes to high school. The only connection that I can make is that he is a very calm person, and I consider myself a pretty calm person. Also his father goes away to work, same as my fathers.

These are 4 songs that I think represent the move “I am Sam”

This is a song about friendship By Bruno mars, this is attached to I Am Sam. This reminds me because Sam and Lucy have a very close relationship, For example “I will sail the sea to find you.” I feel like this could be Sam trying to find Lucy


This song in the first 40 seconds describes the Movie perfectly. For example “I will tell you all about it when I see you again” this reminds of when Sam looses Lucy.





This song describes Sam, because he always speaks with honesty. No matter what he is honest and truthful. For example when Lucy is on the tv and Sam is trying to talk to Lucy through the tv screen he says, “don’t lye Lucy tell the truth.

There are no lyrics for this song


In this song it says, “With you I am Alive.” This reminds me of the movie although Sam can live with out Lucy she is a big part in his life. When Sam and Lucy are together that are always happy and they look and feel completed.

This is a character Alphabet for Sam, From I am Sam

A)Sam is very Adventurous, Because he likes to go on walks and meeting new people.
B)Sam is very Brave, He didn’t give up on Lucy he was brave and pushed through it.
C)Sam is very caring, Sam cared for Lucy very much, even though he is disabled.
D)Sam is very dependent because he is an only parent, but he dose a good job.
F)Sam is very Fair because he believes that everything should be equal.
G)Sam is very Grateful he is very grateful for everything he has including. Lucy, his job and Annie.
H)Sam is very Honest Sam doesn’t like to lie to anyone, and doesn’t like it when other do.
I)Sam is very Intelligent in his own way, such as the beetles and knowing Lots about movies.
J)Sam is very joyful Although life can be rough he always seems to be happy.
L)Sam is very Loyal He always tells the truth and that’s what makes him. loyal.
M)Sam is very Mature in his own ways, such as being truthful.
N)Sam is very Nervous Sometimes Sam can be nervous like when he’s goes to court.
O)Sam is very Open He is not afraid to share his feelings.
P)Sam is very patient He tends to wait for Lucy lots, without complaining.
Q)Sam is very Quiet sometimes, Sam can be very quiet. like when Reita is talking.
R)Sam is very Rambunctious He can be unattainable and very exuberant.
S)Sam is very Smart in his own ways like knowing lots about movies and. songs.
T)Sam is very Thankful For everything that he has including Lucy, Rita and also Randy.
U)Sam is very Underrated Most people think that he can do nothing, because of is disability.
V)Sam is very Vibrant Sam always seems to have energy even at work, especially when he has long days.
W)Sam is very Wonderful Sam is just a nice person to know.
X)Sam is very Xenial Sam welcomes everyone, no matter who it is.
Y)Sam is very Young Sam isn’t that old and he still seems like he is young
Z)Sam is very Zany Sam can act Little weird, but he can’t help it.

I Am Sam (Reflection)

I Am Sam was a emotion roller coaster. it goes from up to down. although there are some sad parts they are usually made up with happy moments, such as Lucy getting to go meet up with her dad for soccer

Some connections

-when Lucy friend stated that she said she was adopted.

-when Lucy’s foster mom told Sam that she wanted to give Lucy back because she was happier with Sam, this was a sad and happy part in the movie because it was sad for the foster mom but happy for Sam.

-one of the happier parts in the movie is when the lawyer  decide to help Sam “Pro Bono” the was a crack of light in the movie because there was hope for Sam to get Lucy back.


1)Why did the Lawyer say “i have gotten more out of this relation ship than you have.

2)why was there a lot of color changing in the movie, Red or Blue.

Morning Experience

I woke up kicking and punching as the intense battle finished. Stretching and yawning kicking the sheets off my bed knowing I have to be at school in an hour. Still half asleep I walked straight into my door which frietened my and woke me up, Knowing that today was going to be rough. Tripping up the stairs to the amazing smell of bacon and eggs, maybe today will be a good day I thought to myself. Out of no where my Mom Opens my door and tells me to get up. It was Just a dream.